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Board of Directors Dinner & Entertainment

Ponce de Leon Ballroom

Ticket Required

Open to ticket holders only. Reservations are required for the Tuesday Board of Directors Dinner & Entertainment. Seating is limited. These reservations are made by turning in your Dinner & Entertainment ticket to the Tuesday Reservation Counter.

Men: Business Attire (Jacket & Tie)
Women: Cocktail/Dressy Evening Separates

Reservation Procedures

Everyone attending this function will fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Unassigned: A person who is not hosting a table and would like to be assigned.
  • Host: A person who has invited and collected ten D&E tickets.
  • Invited Guest: A person who has been invited by a Host to join a group for dinner, and who has given their ticket to the Host.
Sponsor Tables

In recognition of their valuable contributions, companies qualifying as Annual Meeting Sponsors are offered the opportunity to reserve a table in advance for the Tuesday Board of Directors Dinner & Entertainment. NACDS is pleased to acknowledge the contributions these companies have made. If you would like information on participating as a sponsor at future meetings, contact Jim Whitman, Sr. Vice President, Member Programs & Services, at (703) 837-4610.


What to do if you are Unassigned:

Unassigned registrants should exchange their D&E Reservation ticket at the Tuesday Reservation Counter beginning Sunday, April 28th through Noon on Monday, April 28th. Final seating assignments will be available after 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 29th.


What to do if you are a Host:

Hosts should reconfirm their table seating plans when they arrive at The Breakers. Table assignments will be available for pick up on Tuesday morning, April 29th. No table confirmations will be released without all required information being provided and NACDS reserves the right to fill all empty seats.


What to do if you are an Invited Guest:

Invited Guests can assist their Host by giving the Host their tickets. Your Host will be responsible for informing you of your table assignment.

NACDS Annual Meeting

April 26-29, 2025

The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL

Join our industry’s most influential business leaders at this exclusive event. Build vital strategic partnerships with a who’s who in health and wellness and gain new insights into today’s changing marketplace.