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Strategic Exchange

The Annual Meeting provides numerous opportunities to meet and discuss strategic issues with key trading partners.

Strategic Exchange Appointments

Strategic Exchange Appointments, which are traditionally made in advance of your arrival, set the stage for profitable business initiatives implemented in part through future opportunities at the NACDS Total Store Expo.

Various venues at The Breakers will be used to support these important gatherings. Strategic Exchange Appointments take place in a variety of meeting spaces including Umbrella Spaces, Bungalows, Corporate Village, and Indoor Meeting Spaces. Special policies regarding reservations and use are described below. Availability is limited. Please follow the procedures in acknowledging your company’s interest.

The Annual Meeting is strategically focused and adheres to a noncommercial format. NACDS prohibits the scheduling of business or social functions during official conference events. Please read the Annual Meeting Rules and Regulations in their entirety.

Please contact Jim Whitman, Sr. Vice President of the NACDS Member Programs & Services Department, at (703) 837-4610 or if you have any questions concerning these policies.

Strategic Exchange Details

Strategic Exchange Space
Umbrella Spaces

Umbrella Spaces consist of a sun umbrella, table, and five chairs. Umbrella space holders may not set up product displays and/or equipment. Each umbrella space will also include a power station to charge your devices. Requests for Umbrella Space should be made through the completion of the umbrella request form.


Bungalows include existing living room furniture, dining table, two folding chairs, refrigerator, and Flatscreen TV. Bungalow holders will only be permitted to set up small displays within the interior of the Bungalow. A small box of samples and literature are permitted.

Indoor Meeting Space

Indoor Meeting Spaces including Corporate Village, Mediterranean Ballroom, Gulfstream room, and South Mezzanine room space holders are permitted to set up limited product displays. (SEE RULES AND REGULATIONS regarding Indoor Meeting Space and Shipping).

Requests for Bungalows, Corporate Village, and Indoor Meeting Spaces should be made in writing to Jim Whitman at

Members who qualify for Meeting Space in 2024 will be contacted to determine their interest in retaining use of these facilities for this meeting. Past Meeting Space holders will be given a right of first refusal.


Member Companies unable to occupy and use the contracted space, should notify NACDS in writing on or before January 31, 2025. All meeting space fees paid, less a 25% fee per space for administrative cost, will be refunded if NACDS receives written notification of cancellation by January 31, 2025. No refund of any fees will be made if notice of cancellation is not received or if notice of cancellation is received after January 31, 2025.

Freeman Service Kit

To assist in on-site logistics with Indoor Meeting space, NACDS has appointed Freeman as the General Service Contractor. Freeman will provide logistical and handling services including dollies, pallet jacks, forklifts, crate storage and transportation. Handling and storage fees will be assessed based on the weight of the shipment(s) received and Freeman will bill the responsible Member Company accordingly.

Shipments including all crated, skidded, pad-wrapped, and uncrated shipments MUST be shipped to Freeman’s attention and the responsible Member Company will be charged material handling fees at the published rates. Freeman staff will deliver shipments to the assigned meeting space. All shipment crates must be unpacked by 5:00 p.m. each day and all empty crates will be removed from the hotel premises thereafter.

The Freeman Service Kit will be available in October.

Rules & Regulations

Please read and familiarize yourself with the Annual Meeting Rules & Regulations prior to registering.

Private Event Space

A limited amount of private event space is available during the Annual Meeting. Requests for space should be made in writing to Toni Gonzalez at and include the date, time, and the number of people expected to attend the event.

Company Video

Round out your company presence with a video link featured on your company profile on the Participants page.  To add a video link, simply complete the request form. Questions? Contact Andrew Klapmust, Director, Membership Services at

Profitable Business Opportunities
Strategic Exchange Appointments

NACDS Annual Meeting

April 26-29, 2025

The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL

Join our industry’s most influential business leaders at this exclusive event. Build vital strategic partnerships with a who’s who in health and wellness and gain new insights into today’s changing marketplace.