Strategic Exchange

The Annual Meeting provides numerous opportunities to meet and discuss strategic issues with key trading partners.

Strategic Exchange Appointments

Strategic Exchange Appointments, which are traditionally made in advance of your arrival, set the stage for profitable business initiatives implemented in part through future opportunities at the NACDS Total Store Expo.

Various venues at The Phoenician will be used to support these important gatherings. Special policies regarding reservations and use are described below. Availability is limited. Please follow the procedures in acknowledging your company’s interest.

The Annual Meeting is strategically focused and adheres to a noncommercial format. NACDS prohibits the scheduling of business or social functions during official conference events. Please read the Annual Meeting Rules and Regulations in their entirety.

Please contact Jim Whitman, Sr. Vice President of the NACDS Member Programs & Services Department, at (703) 837-4610 or if you have any questions concerning these policies.

It’s always nice when all of the vendors get together with the suppliers and meet once a year, and it’s really efficient to be in one place at one time, and at such a beautiful resort as well. It makes it nice for timing and efficiency, it’s a good meeting place.

Valerie Jabbar The Kroger Co.

It’s a great way for us to meet with a ton of our clients because they’re all here. Last year was our first year at NACDS Annual Meeting, we had a number of great meetings, which caused us to come back this year for the 2nd time with twice as many people.

Marcel Van Der Wurff

You grow through new experiences, and being pushed out of your comfort zone accelerates that growth... I believe you have to continually listen, learn and engage.

Mark Panzer Albertsons Companies

This Partnership idea, which really is at the center of the philosophy of NACDS, you can really see that come alive now between Annual Meeting and coming through at Total Store Expo.

Alex Gourlay Walgreens Boots Alliance & Walgreen Co.

For us, the Annual Meeting is the one opportunity a year where you can get all the suppliers together and really cement that partnership on how we work together to make it better for customers. The reality is that Retailers can’t do it alone and Suppliers can’t do it alone.

Richard Ashworth Walgreen Co.