Strategic Exchange Appointments

The Annual Meeting provides numerous opportunities to meet and discuss strategic issues with key trading partners.

Umbrella Space Request Form

Members who qualify for an Umbrella Space in 2022 will be contacted directly by NACDS to determine their interest in purchasing an Umbrella for the 2022 Annual Meeting. Past holders of Umbrella Meeting Space will be given a right of first refusal.

If you did not have an Umbrella Meeting Space reserved in 2021 and would like to purchase an Umbrella Meeting Space for the 2022 Annual Meeting, please complete the form below.  We will get back to you once we have determined whether or not an Umbrella Space can be offered to your company.  Availability for new companies will be determined in early 2022.

Please contact Steve Perlowski at or 703-837-4108 with any questions.

Register For

Annual Meeting

It is the opportunities. It is the results. It is the relationships. It is the member service. All Chain and Associate Members in good standing with NACDS are invited to register and attend the Annual Meeting.