About Annual Meeting

For over 85 years, NACDS has served as a vibrant community of chains and suppliers. For much of this time, the NACDS Annual Meeting has served as its signature event. In the days following the 2019 conference, 96 percent of attendees indicated that they planned to return in 2020. Those who attend for the first time quickly learn why.

About Annual Meeting

The NACDS Annual Meeting is the industry’s most prestigious gathering of its most influential leaders. It is the classic “Top-to-Top” business conference, attended by industry decision makers. It will give you and your company a unique opportunity to gain new insights into today’s changing marketplace and set your course for the future. Participation is restricted to executives from NACDS member companies and their spouses/companions.

The Annual Meeting format includes two formal business programs featuring business experts, industry panels, and renowned speakers. These sessions are followed by “strategic exchange appointments” (meetings) between retailers and associate members in the designated “strategic exchange spaces” (meeting umbrellas and cabanas), private meeting rooms, or other designated meeting spaces located throughout the hotel.

Key Participants

Participants at the Annual Meeting include Retail Chairmen, CEOs, Presidents, and Senior Vice Presidents of Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, and Pharmacy and their executive-level counterparts and decision makers from supplier companies.


NACDS represents traditional drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchants with pharmacies. Chains operate over 40,000 pharmacies, and NACDS’ over 80 chain member companies include regional chains, with a minimum of four stores, and national companies. Chains employ nearly 3 million individuals, including 157,000 pharmacists. They fill over 3 billion prescriptions yearly, and help patients use medicines correctly and safely, while offering innovative services that improve patient health and healthcare affordability. NACDS members also include more than 900 supplier partners and over 70 international members representing 21 countries.

Board of Directors

  • Richard Ashworth, Walgreen Co.
  • George Bartell, The Bartell Drug Company
  • Randy Edeker, Hy-Vee, Inc.
  • Lori Flees, Sam's Club/Walmart
  • Lynne Fruth, Fruth Pharmacy
  • Alex Gourlay, Walgreens Boots Alliance & Walgreen Co.
  • Mark Griffin, Lewis Drug, Inc
  • Kirk Kaminsky, Health Mart
  • Rick Keyes, Meijer, Inc.
  • Jocelyn Konrad, Rite Aid Corporation
  • Chris Lane, Wakefern Food Corp./ShopRite
  • Colleen Lindholz , The Kroger Co.
  • Larry Merlo, CVS Health
  • Robert Narveson, Thrifty White Pharmacy
  • Brian Nightengale, Good Neighbor Pharmacy
  • Martin Otto, H-E-B
  • Craig Painter, Kinney Drugs, Inc
  • Mark Panzer, Alberstons Companies
  • Mark Peterson, Genoa Healthcare
  • Sean Slovenski, Walmart
  • Sharon Sternheim, Zitomer/Thriftway Drug Corp.
  • Debbie Weitzman, Medicine Shoppe International, Inc.

NACDS Honorary Board

  • Philip E. Beekman, Owl Hollow Enterprises
  • David Bernauer
  • Sydney Besthoff, III, Property Management Group
  • Warren F. Bryant
  • Anthony N. Civello, AC Consulting
  • Leonard A. Genovese, LFC Enterprises, LLC
  • Andrew A. Giancamilli, 99 Cents Only Stores
  • Robert W. Hannan, Hannan Executive Services, Inc
  • James I. Harrison, Jr., Harrison Investments
  • Gerald Heller
  • Alan B. Levin, SoDel Concepts
  • Robert D. Loeffler
  • David Maher, Pharma Integrative Pharmacy
  • Frank A. Newman, The Stow Company
  • Harvey Rosenthal
  • Thomas M. Ryan
  • Mary Sammons
  • Stewart Turley
  • Gregory D. Wasson, Wasson Enterprise

NACDS Chairmen of the Board, 1934 – 2019

  • George H. Gales, Liggett Drug Co., 1934–1938
  • Nate S. Shapero, Cunningham Drug Stores, 1938–1941
  • Horace A. Taylor, Taylor Drug Co., 1941–1944
  • J.F. Gallaher, Gallaher Drug Co., 1944–1945
  • C.R. Walgreen, Jr., Walgreen Drug Stores, 1945–1947
  • E. Roy Albright, Albright & Wood, 1947–1949
  • Merle A. Sanders, Snyder’s Drug Stores, 1949–1951
  • Scott C. Rea, Rea & Derick, 1951–1953
  • S.J. Besthoff, Katz & Besthoff, 1953–1955
  • G.B. Burrus, Peoples Drug Stores, Inc., 1955–1957
  • Adolph Weinberger, Gray Drug Stores, Inc., 1957–1959
  • M.K. Wood, Gallaher Drug Co., 1959–1961
  • Ches B. Larsen, Cunningham Drug Stores, 1961–1963
  • Morris R. Shlensky, Katz Drug Company, 1963–1965
  • Carlyle W. Evans, Gray Drug Stores, Inc., 1965–1967
  • August F. Hook, Hook Drugs, Inc., 1967–1969
  • L.S. Skaggs, Skaggs Drug Centers, Inc., 1969–1971
  • George T. Hilden, Osco Drug, Inc., 1971–1973
  • Joseph M. Long, Longs Drug Stores, 1973–1975
  • S.H. Ashcraft, Craft’s Drug Stores, 1975–1976
  • J.A. Weinberger, Gray Drug Store, Inc., 1976–1977
  • C.R. Walgreen III, Walgreen Company, 1977–1978
  • Stewart Turley, Jack Eckerd Corporation, 1978–1979
  • Robert B. Begley, Begley Drug Company, 1979
  • Sheldon W. Fantle, Peoples Drug Stores, Inc., 1980–1981
  • Sydney J. Besthoff, III, K&B, Incorporated, 1981–1982
  • Sidney Dworkin, Revco D.S., Inc., 1982–1983
  • Henry A. Panasci, Jr., Fay’s Incorporated, 1983–1984
  • Robert M. Long, Longs Drug Stores, 1984–1985
  • James I. Harrison, Jr., Harco Drug Inc., 1985–1986
  • Alex Grass, Rite Aid Corporation, 1986–1987
  • Jack A. Robinson, Perry Drug Stores, Inc., 1987–1988
  • Stewart Turley, Jack Eckerd Corporation, 1988–1989
  • Gerald Heller, May’s Drug Stores, Inc., 1989–1990
  • Richard G. Eils, Thrifty Corporation, 1990
  • Philip E. Beekman, Hook–SupeRx, Inc., 1990–1992
  • Harvey Rosenthal, CVS, 1992–1993
  • Robert W. Hannan, Thrift Drug, Inc., 1993–1994
  • Jack Futterman, Pathmark Stores, Inc., 1994–1995
  • David L. Maher, American Stores Company, 1995–1996
  • Gerald Heller, May’s Drug Stores, Inc., 1996–1997
  • Thomas M. Ryan, CVS Pharmacy, Inc., 1997–1998
  • Leonard A. Genovese, Genovese Drug Stores, Inc., 1998–1999
  • Frank A. Newman, Eckerd Corporation, 1999–2000
  • Alan B. Levin, Happy Harry’s, Inc., 2000–2001
  • Mark E. Griffin, Lewis Drugs, Inc., 2002–2003
  • Mary Sammons, Rite Aid Corporation, 2003–2005
  • Anthony N. Civello, Kerr Drug, Inc., 2005–2007
  • David W. Bernauer, Walgreen Co., 2007-2008
  • Warren F. Bryant, Longs Drug Stores, 2008
  • Andy A. Giancamilli, Snyders Drug Stores, 2008–2010
  • Larry J. Merlo, CVS Caremark Corporation, 2010–2011
  • Robert D. Loeffler, H-E-B, 2011-2012
  • Gregory D. Wasson, Walgreen Co., 2012-2013
  • Robert J. Narveson, Thrifty White Pharmacy, 2013-2014
  • John Standley, Rite Aid Corporation, 2014-2015
  • Randy Edeker, Hy-Vee, Inc., 2015-2016
  • Martin Otto, H-E-B, 2016-2017
  • Alex Gourlay, Walgreens Boots Alliance & Walgreen Co., 2017 -2018
  • Mark Panzer, Alberstons Companies, 2018-2019