Product Box

The NACDS Product Box program is closed. For additional information please contact Nikki Coleman at or 703-837-4626. 

Product Box Details

NACDS is pleased to be working again with the Palm Beach Habilitation Center in Florida. This facility offers counseling, job training, employment, and job placement to individuals with disabilities. The Palm Beach Habilitation Center will receive your products and assemble the Product Boxes, and ship the boxes at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.

Associate member companies attending the Annual Meeting are invited to participate by contributing no more than three (3) products to be included in each Product Box. Participation in this program will provide your company with a great opportunity to familiarize attendees with your exciting products, and get a head start on your Annual Meeting activities.

Product Box Submissions

Following receipt of your product(s), the completed participation form, and your company's Annual Meeting registration, a letter will be sent to you in early January 2018 to confirm your company's participation and to provide you with shipping instructions. Please note that a total contribution of 1,500 pieces is required for each product you donate for this program. Products will need to be shipped to the Palm Beach Habilitation Center between February 5 and March 2, 2018. NACDS reserves the right to approve all products submitted.